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Guaranteed employment for nurses in GERMANY

The lack of qualified nursing staff has been a problem for many years, especially in prosperous but aging Europe.

Our aim is to create motivating conditions for nursing personnel seeking a new workplace and the possibility of relocating permanently to Germany.

For this purpose, the International Training and Qualification Center “IQTC” has partnered with TUV Rheinland and Baltic DIA to offer new career opportunities to professionals from Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States to increase their competitiveness in the international labour market.

Together, we can guarantee you a job in the medical and health care sector in Germany, with recognition of your qualification. We will provide you with full and free support through training, social adaptation, preparation of documents and the moving.

Permanent work in Germany in just 3 easy steps

Upload your CV

Fill the form below with your contact details and upload your CV

Minimal requirement for the application:

The candidate should be at least 18 years old, have a secondary or higher vocational nursing education corresponding to the German educational system (from 3 years of study). If the candidate is registered in the home country, as a nurse, the document of proof might be requested.

Learn the language

Learn the language and other social integration courses

After candidate approval:

Candidates get a 12-16 month training in the training center and via online platforms. The training includes language courses, technical vocabulary training, exams, other integration courses about living and working in Germany for quick and easy adaptation.

Travel to Germany

After completion of training and all formalities travel to your work place

Migration to Germany

Already during the training the candidate will be offered the most suitable job position and a permanent work contract with a 6-month probationary period. After passing the exams, preparing all necessary documents and obtaining a work visa, the candidate will be ready to relocate to Germany.

Fill the application form and add your CV

How it works:
Fill the form below and add your CV with a detailed description of your working experience and education. 
After we receive an application, we will go through and see if your experience and education is suitable for an employer. In positive result, we will contact you with the further instructions. 

Minimal requirement for the application:

  • the candidate should be at least 18 years old;
  • the candidate must have a secondary or higher vocational nursing diploma

Learn Professional German language

How it works:
Already during the training phase, a permanent employment contract with a German employer will be concluded with the programme participant.  After the approval the candidate will be signed into the language courses according to his/her language knowledge level, taking into account his working schedule and location. The training will take from 12 to 16 months.
If the candidate already has the knowledge of German language at level B2, an individual plan for the training will be provided or the candidate will be offered with the working contract. 
Minimal requirement for the training:
  • passed application process and signed agreement.

IQTC in cooperation with TUV Rheinland Akademie provide a professional German language training for medical personnel, including professional terminology, exams. The training is customized to the participant, depending on the previous knowledge, experience, working schedule and location. 

After the training the candidate will have to pass the exam to gain the required certificate. 

The training also includes other integration courses about living and working in Germany for quick and easy adaptation.

Departure to Germany

How it works:

Already during the training phase, a permanent employment contract with a German employer will be concluded with the program participant. After successfully completing the training and obtaining the German Language Certificate B2, the program participant in one month will move to Germany, undergo the necessary preparations, and start to work.


Minimal requirement for the travel:

  • certificate of successful completion of the B2 German language test;
  • prepared documents required for the move (visa, etc.);
  • signed contract with a medical institution.

Baltic DIA and TUV Rheinland will take care of candidate smooth migration process, starting from the paperwork and flight booking, til accommodation search and integration process. Each candidate will be provided with the Integration manager, who will help settle down in target country (introduction to employer, bank account opening, insurance, family reunion, etc.)

Welcome to Germany

Employer guarantee:
  • The 100% equality with the local personnel;
  • The candidate is fully covered by health, pension, unemployment insurance, etc;
  • Unlimited employment contract with 6 months probationary period;
  • At least € 2500,00 gross, plus surcharges for overtime or shift work, holidays or Christmas bonus etc.;
  • Vacation according to the German law. 
The candidate guarantee:
  • Honestly and accurately perform their official duties;
  • To stay with the employer for at least two years. 
After four years, the candidate can get the German passport and be naturalised in Germany.